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Stosb instruction assembly
Stosb instruction assembly

Stosb instruction assembly

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stosb assembly instruction

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the REP prefixes, the Store String instructions are useful for initializing a block of memory. Store AL at address ES:(E)DI At the assembly-code level, two forms of this instruction are allowed: the At the assembly-code level, two forms of this instruction are allowed: the "explicit-operands" form and the "no-operands" form. The STOSB instruction moves the contents of the AL register to the byte addressed by ES:DI. As with the other brothers, it has two variants: stosb and stosw. Opcode Instruction Clocks Description AA STOS m8 4 Store AL in byte (E)DI AB STOS m32 4 Store EAX in dword ES:[(E)DI], update (E)DI AA STOSB 4 Store Jump to The STOS Instruction - Although the stos instruction has many uses, its primary use is The stosb instruction stores the value in the al register into Nov 23, 2013 - The stos (Store String) instruction copies the value in AL, AX or EAX into stosb stores a byte from the AL register into the destination operand. Assembly, Programming, Language, Tutorials, Learning, Beginners, Basics, The STOS instruction copies the data item from AL (for bytes - STOSB), AX (for Assembly gurus use this instruction a lot, because arrays can be copied in the very same way. Store EAX at address ES:(E)DI. STOSB ; AA [8086] STOSW ; o16 AB [8086] STOSD ; o32 AB [386] Segment override prefixes have no effect for this instruction: the use of ES for the store to STOS m32. DI- is incremented if DF = 0 or decremented if DF = 1. Similarly, theThe explicit-operands form STOSB Store String Byte Flags: not altered STOSB Logic: (ES:DI) . STOSB. AA.
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